Our BMW X3 World First!

As a company always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible inside your vehicle, we’re very proud to announce our new fascia kit for the BMW X3 2003 – 2010. Months of preparation of design has led us to create a product which many thought wasn’t possible, and stands as a world-first in the industry. … More Our BMW X3 World First!

A New Frontier: IAA 2017 Review

This September, we travelled to Frankfurt for the opening of Europe’s biggest automotive show, the IAA. With electric technology truly breaking into the mainstream, we expected a change of atmosphere from its last iteration. Here’s what we saw in Germany… … More A New Frontier: IAA 2017 Review

Industry Celebrates Radioplayer Car Launch In UK

Press Release | Radioplayer Buy Here The long awaited Radioplayer Car project, a collaboration between many companies, the BBC and commercial radio, came to fruition this February after two years in the making. “Radioplayer Car is the world’s first voice-controlled hybrid radio adaptor, offering an easy upgrade for car stereos. It’s a ‘smart radio’ system, … More Industry Celebrates Radioplayer Car Launch In UK