November 12V Review Out Now!

The 12V Review is a publication for the industry which we’ve been working on and releasing quarterly since 2015. Designed as a showcase, not just for our efforts, but for the combined knowledge and progress of the aftermarket as a whole, the magazine is targeted at those with an interest in car audio beyond the stock OEM options available to them. … More November 12V Review Out Now!


UNI-SWC.4 to Revolutionise Stereo Installations

This autumn, Connects2 launch the latest in their range of universal steering wheel control interfaces, the UNI-SWC.4, designed to streamline stereo installations for professionals… … More UNI-SWC.4 to Revolutionise Stereo Installations

The Future of Charging: Qi

To coincide with Apple’s adoption of wireless charging, California tech company Scosche have announced a brand new addition to their award-winning magicMOUNT range which combines their popular mounting solutions with Qi technology. The magicMOUNT Charge is a dual-function product which will allow users to mount their smartphone in their vehicle via a powerful neodymium magnet, whilst the phone is simultaneously charged wirelessly by the coils inside.  … More The Future of Charging: Qi

How Aircraft Tech Came Down to Earth

California tech giants Scosche have just placed their flag in the ground, bringing the world of aviation to the world of motoring, with their new heads-up display system. Featuring a thin, 3.0″ windscreen display and OBD dongle to gather data from the vehicle, the HUD2 is the ideal solution for those looking for a futuristic display upgrade… … More How Aircraft Tech Came Down to Earth