Why there’s noise on your new stereo display (and how to fix it)

There’s nothing worse than installing a new piece of tech into your vehicle and finding that it compromises some pre-existing functionality. A new stereo can come with a host of benefits including a large touchscreen, navigation, multimedia connectivity and more, however it’s important to consider how the new unit will react to the vehicle’s original system. Sometimes you may lose features you didn’t anticipate.

In the case of video, many drivers wish to retain their original reversing cameras because of the safety and convenience benefits that they provide. It’s easy to become reliant on the reversing image for guidance during tricky parking manoeuvres and for good reason – one simple camera can be the difference between a costly accident and a safe journey.

Take a look here to find out why reversing cameras are one of the biggest preventatives of accidents worldwide

Keep your camera with ease

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Thankfully, it’s simple in most cases to bring together your original camera with a new stereo and have them both work together seamlessly. The Connects2 Vision camera retention interface range has been created specifically for this purpose, with each harness being built uniquely for its vehicle application to provide the perfect connection. Simply connect it to the camera and the unit, and see the image displayed on the new screen in seconds.

However, as with all integrated installs, you may need to troubleshoot your system if any problems arise. In the case of video, there’s one usual offender that can crop up when installing a new stereo…

Grounding problems be gone


Ground loops are especially prevalent when working with video equipment in the car and even more so when using a combination of aftermarket and OEM components. These loops are essentially mismatches between the ground reference at multiple points of a circuit – in this case, the camera and the screen – and can cause various defects in a video signal.

One product we recommend to help with any video noise caused by ground loops is the RPA-VA1, which features a differential signal input for the camera to single-ended signal output for the display. The interface provides a ground wire for connection to the stereo’s own ground wire to eradicate the loop and filter out any noise such as scrolling lines or other interference. With four simple connections, the RPA-VA1 ensures you can get the best performance out of your statement hardware and keep your system running smoothly.


Your aftermarket experts

Often, problems have simple solutions – you just need to ask an expert. Whether you’re having problems with your system after an install or just don’t know where to begin, we’re here to help you make the best decision for your drive. Reach out to our dedicated team via email, social media, or our technical support page and get the advice you need. We can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.


Head on over to www.connects2.com and find out more about our range of safety solutions


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