Are Reversing Cameras Worth It?

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) states that nearly ¼ of deaths involving vehicles at work in the UK occur during reversing, and that many other reversing incidents cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises (Source:


Although reversing is a key ‘danger’ area for incidents, it is nonetheless a simple issue to prevent in most cases – especially with the increased amount of reliable, versatile technology available in the cockpit of commercial and passenger vehicles alike.

Many vehicles now come with a reversing (or back-up) camera to provide the driver with a wide angle view of the entire rear side of the vehicle, especially important for larger vehicles such as motorhomes which have far less visibility, and for lorries or trailers which often reverse in dangerous conditions.



Historically, it has been difficult to equip vehicles with this technology at OEM level due to the lack of a high resolution screen in the dashboard, but with the rise of double DIN head units and large displays this is no longer an issue in most new cars. In the aftermarket, there are a huge range of options to choose from at all price points making this upgrade a more desirable one for drivers of older or lower-spec vehicles.


When upgrading your head unit, crucial OEM safety features such as a reversing camera will ordinarily be lost as the vehicle can no longer ‘speak’ to its peripherals with its default system removed. Thankfully, there are a range of interfaces to retain the camera and keep the driver safe after the upgrade, or to provide brand new camera inputs for vehicles without the OEM option.

Our CAM-TY5-RT interface retains the reverse camera in 15 different models of Toyota when the OEM stereo is removed

Here at Connects2, we’ve carefully researched and designed an entire range – C2 Vision – dedicated to bringing reverse solutions to any car. Each month, we add new applications to our existing products or launch brand new ones in order to keep all drivers protected against reversing accidents.

We can help you with:


Get in touch with us at to find out more about our range of safety solutions

Check out our new camera retention solutions for Hyundai & Toyota vehicles


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