New UNI-SWC.5 Interface Launches at #CES2019


This year at CES, Connects2 launched the newest addition to their universal steering wheel control interface range, the UNI-SWC.5: a product which aims to evolve the way audio installers tackle stereo upgrades in any vehicle.

As we move towards 100 years since a radio was first installed into a car, the amount of different systems currently active on worldwide roads are too numerous to calculate. For installers, this poses a significant problem: if a customer could come into the store with two vehicles as diverse as a 1994 Audi A4 and a 2018 Citroen Dispatch van, how best to cover parts for these and everything in-between?

Connects2 have always aimed to provide every driver with an entry point into the automotive aftermarket and that means we’ve created a lot of vehicle-specific interfaces for a lot of weird and wonderful systems. Our universal interfaces have been designed to give installers that same scope of functionality in one versatile product.

This year at #CES2019, we were proud to launch our most versatile, dynamic universal solution yet: the UNI-SWC.5.uni-swc.5-imageMore than doubling what was previously possible with our UNI-SWC.3, the UNI-SWC.5 can support a head unit upgrade in over 900 different vehicle applications across over 60 manufacturers. For the first time, one interface can communicate with Analogue, CAN-Bus, GM Class II, iBus and Matrix systems to retain key vehicle features such as steering wheel controls, phone buttons, settings menus and more after the OEM head unit has been removed. Suddenly, installers have a tool versatile enough to work in whichever vehicle pulls into their garage.

One feature new for the UNI-SWC.5 is button remapping – a feature previously reserved for analogue learning vehicles which we’ve made accessible to all. Through a simple web app, the interface can be programmed to reconfigure the vehicle’s steering wheel control functions to whatever the driver desires. For example, left handed drivers can now flip right side button functions to the left side side of the wheel, or an unused button can now be reprogrammed to trigger a useful function like phone pick up or source.

We’ve also added an analogue learning feature for the really old, analogue vehicles which desperately need an audio upgrade, accessible via a simple LED and button system on the interface box itself. This way, the UNI-SWC.5 can be programmed manually to achieve compatibility with even more vehicles than the 900 we list.


Find out more about the UNI-SWC.5 at and visit our social media channels for coverage from CES 2019


– UNI-SWC.5 –

Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface

Features & Benefits:

  • Retain crucial OEM features when installing an aftermarket head unit, including steering wheel controls, phone buttons and more
  • Stock one product and be ready for any installation
  • Compatible with all major vehicle platforms including Analogue, CAN-Bus, GM Class II, iBus & Matrix
  • Customise your steering wheel button layout with a dedicated web app
  • Maintain your vehicle data outputs including accessory, illumination, speed pulse, park brake and reverse gear

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