Summer Edition 12V Review Out Now!


As pioneers of aftermarket technology, Connects2 are proud to launch their latest edition of the 12V Review – a magazine dedicated to bringing you the latest from the car audio industry.

In business as in life, each year, we strive to be better, learn more and truly thrive in our environment. Here at Connects2, we’ve been working hard since 1999 to bring you the latest in cutting edge car audio technologies.

From working in the industry for so long, we’ve gained a real appreciation for the quirks of automotive and the hard-working, loyal people within our sector. We’re pleased to have worked alongside many of them to develop solutions across the globe and we’re proud of the many connections we’ve made.

The 12V Review is a publication for the industry which we’ve been working on and releasing quarterly since 2015. Designed as a showcase, not just for our efforts, but for the combined knowledge and progress of the aftermarket as a whole, the magazine is targeted at those with an interest in car audio beyond the stock OEM options available to them.

If that sounds like you – it’s time to click this link and take a look at our brand new Summer edition!


A limited amount of advertising is available in the 12V Review at highly competitive rates. Please contact the editor at for a full rate card and media pack for 2018


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