Up Close & Personal [Part II]; The Vehicles of CES 2018

With dedicated automotive tradeshows like the IAA in Frankfurt seeing manufacturers opt out for the first time ever, it’s clear that automakers are looking for a fresh arena in which to showcase their latest vehicles. With the technology industry moving at a rapid pace and vehicles finally catching up to these trends, CES has become the perfect showcase for new in-car tech. This year, we saw futuristic concepts from Toyota, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and more. Here are the ones which caught our eye:

NVIDIA Autonomous Race-car


In a bizarre twist, it looks as if autonomous racing might exist in the not-too-distant future thanks to NVIDIA and Roborace’s new vehicle, the Robocar. The Robocar is the world’s first driver-less electric racing car, designed by Daniel Simon of Tron: Legacy, Oblivion and Captain America fame. Featuring a tower fitted with a 360 degree camera and surrounded by ultrasonic sensors, Roborace have created an extremely high performance and intelligent machine. #

The ‘brain’ comes from renowned graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA who also have an AI division. They’ve developed the Drive PX, a scalable AI supercomputer specifically for autonomous driving, which combines deep learning, sensor fusion and surround vision to change the driving experience forever. Capable of understanding its surroundings in real time and precisely locating itself on a HD map, the Drive PX represents a breakthrough in vehicle safety and performance.

Discover more at roborace.com

Orion “Jeep Wrangler”


One of the show’s most memorable moments came courtesy of Miami’s Orion Car Audio and their ear-splitting upgrade to a Jeep Wrangler. This party machine sounded the part and looked the part too, with a host of Orion’s car audio products working together to create a stunningly loud and dynamic sound which captured the attention of CES this year.

The Wrangler was modified with over $17,000 of audio upgrades including 10 amplifiers,16 x 8” speakers, 12 x 10” speakers, 10 x 4.5” tweeters, 8 x 3” compression drivers and 8 x 15” subwoofers.

Visit www.orioncaraudio.com to discover their range of high performance car audio parts

Scosche “Toyota Tacoma”


Alongside their array of impressive 12V lifestyle solutions and fitting kits, Scosche used their stand’s real estate for a truly memorable centrepiece: a heavily modified 2017 Toyota Tacoma. A long-favourite for modification amongst enthusiasts, the Tacoma has become a staple in the US pickup truck market since 1995.

Scosche’s variant – built by fellow Californians Camburg Engineering – featured a host of upgrades to its performance systems, suspension, lighting, bumpers, bodywork, wheels, tyres, audio system and recovery tech. In addition to Camburg’s own KINETIK Series suspension system and custom bumper, the Tacoma boasted 17” KMC wheels, a Roadwire leather interior and K&N air intake to make the Tacoma luxurious to drive but with significantly enhanced power and stability.

Read more – Go “Inside Scosche Industries”

Of course, our attention was on the audio system and Scosche delivered with a Sony XAV-AX100 double DIN receiver, slotted into the dashboard with a bespoke fitting kit. The interior also featured a MagicMount Qi solution allowing for the convenient charging of a smartphone when on the move. There were more outrageous vehicles at CES this year but none felt more drive-able, practical or accomplished than this Scosche Tacoma. A true testament to the power of collaboration and technology.


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