Qi Wireless Charging Range Launches at CES 2018


This year at CES, Connects2 launched their brand new range of Qi charging products, designed to provide wireless charging when on the move in any vehicle

In 2017, technology has advanced to a point where wireless technology is viable and wireless charging in particular is being brought forward as the new standard through which to power up our devices. With most major smartphone manufacturers now building Qi compatibility into their flagship products, there’s no better time to optimise your life for wireless charging.

The Qi range from Connects2 allows drivers to maximise their charging potential with a series of products to allow for wireless device charging whilst on the move.Qi_logo.svg

A wide range of car specific and universal inlays, pockets and cases are available which quickly convert a car to accept the new Qi standard and provide hassle-free, high power charging, allowing for greater focus on the road and the elimination of messy wiring and cables.

Car specific pads and pockets are tailored specifically to their application to allow for a factory look and feel, and charging LEDs illuminate to show the charging status of the device. Installation is simple and seamless via plug and play wiring, included with each kit.

For vehicles which don’t have a bespoke product application, the Qi Range also features two universal options (CTQIUV01/CTQIUV02) for any vehicle as well as two mounting solutions with wireless changing functionality (MPQWD-XTSP/CTQIMNT) which can be attached to the dash or an air vent for easy access when in the car.

Find out more about the Qi Range at www.connects2.com and visit our social media channels for coverage from CES 2018


Connects2 Qi Charging Range

Wireless Charging Solutions For Any Vehicle

Our range includes:

Why Qi?

Qi is named after the Chinese word for ‘energy flow’ and uses a charging pad, combined with a receiving coil built into the host device to transmit current without wires. With the new iPhone, Apple have joined a host of manufacturers currently working with the standard including Asus, HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, BlackBerry and Sony. Apple’s involvement with the technology is believed to help push the innovation even further, encouraging the industry to think about the ways in which we can ‘think’ without wires.

Want to know more about Qi? Read our article “The Future of Charging”

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