A New Vision for Driving; Vision Launches at CES 2018


This year at CES, Connects2 are launching their brand new range of reversing cameras and safety solutions, Connects2 Vision, designed to retrofit any vehicle with powerful and life-saving technology

In a world where road traffic incidents are becoming an increasingly severe issue, both businesses and consumers are searching for ways to improve their safety precautions and reduce unnecessary risks.


Safety is paramount whilst on the move and though it may not be the most glamourous aspect of driving, we believe it’s the most important. Connects2 Vision is a culmination of our design expertise, featuring a wide range of safety solutions to provide a vital upgrade to any vehicle currently on the road.

Alongside our unparalleled range of universal and van specific reversing cameras, we’ve also designed camera add-on interfaces for installing a universal camera into your OEM system, and camera retention interfaces to retain the OEM camera with an aftermarket stereo, opening up the range to thousands of drivers who were previously unable to benefit from vital safety technology because of their vehicle’s specification.



Connects2 Vision Range

Parking & Safety Solutions For Any Vehicle

Our range includes:

  • Universal Reversing Cameras: Our most flexible solution. Upgrade any vehicle with these universal cameras featuring a variety of viewing angles, housings and styles.
  • Van Specific Reversing Cameras: Eliminate your van’s blind spots with our line of bespoke van cameras, designed to match your vehicle’s aesthetic and seamlessly integrate with your OEM system.
  • Number Plate Mounted Cameras: Achieve an optimal view with a number plate mounted camera and frame solution. Simply clip the frame onto your original number plate and gain the benefits of a reversing camera, parking sensors and more in one installation.
  • Parking Sensor Arrays: Parking Sensors are a perfect complement to a camera when reversing and reduce the risk of a crash through early detection. Our range of parking sensor arrays come equipped with 2, 4 or 8 sensors to keep you safe.
  • Full Camera Kits: Our kits provide an all-in-one solution to road safety and are equipped with external monitors, cameras and all the wiring you need for your installation.
  • Reversing Camera Add-On Interfaces: No reversing camera input? No problem. This range of interfaces retrofits your vehicle, allowing you to install one of our universal cameras in minutes.
  • Reversing Camera Retention Interfaces: Sometimes improving your stereo can impact on other aspects of your system. With our camera retention interfaces, you can keep your OEM reversing camera active whilst gaining all the benefits of your new stereo.
  • Accessories, Monitors and More…: Missing something? Make sure your installation is complete with an external monitor, RCA leads, and more from our range of safety accessories.



For more information, please contact your Sales Representative

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sales@connects2.com | www.connects2.com


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