Our BMW X3 World First!

As a company always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible inside your vehicle, we’re very proud to announce our new fascia kit for the BMW X3 2003 – 2010. Months of preparation of design has led us to create a product which many thought wasn’t possible, and stands as a world-first in the industry.

The extremely popular BMW X3 (E83) is hard to modify because of the configuration of the dashboard. A simple double DIN stereo upgrade is not possible because of the space taken up by the factory climate control button panel and drivers have had to settle for the OEM set-up, until now.

BMW X3 2Din Kit
CT23BM15 Double Din Fitting Kit

Building from the ground up, we’ve come up with a solution to this long time problem by relocating the button panel to the top of the dashboard, creating the space required for a larger stereo display. The CT23BM15 kit comes equipped with a matte black fascia panel to match the aesthetic of the original dashboard, the button relocation panel, fitting accessories, and all the extension leads you’ll need to make the modification.

Additionally, a full installation kit is available which includes the CT23BM15 plus a steering wheel control interface, antenna adapter and universal patch lead for a complete fitting solution.

Full Installation Kit BMW X3
CTKBM29 Full Installation Kit

More for your X3:

Visit our website to find out more about our dynamic X3 solutions, or find a stockist in your country

Visit www.connects2.com to explore our cutting-edge product range


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