A Day in the Desert; Ford Mustang 6th Gen

By Ben Armstrong | UK
Images: Connects2 Team | Video: Aaron Jones

This January, the Connects2 team set out on an epic journey to Las Vegas for CES 2017. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to get some images and video in iconic surroundings, and with that in mind, we took one of the meanest muscle cars out into the deserts of Nevada for a spin…

With six generations and five decades under its belt, the Mustang is one of Ford’s most well-loved and long standing success stories. It forged its very own class – the pony car – upon its inception and has been the only one of its type to remain in constant production since the 60’s. Amongst its many accolades, the Mustang was the first automobile to ever win the Tiffany Gold Medal for excellence in American design (1965) and has featured regularly in the Car and Drive “Ten Best” list (1983, 1987, 1988, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2016). In 2017, it remains a quintessential part of motoring history.


The Next Generation

The 6th generation Mustang, which we had the pleasure to charge across Vegas’ plains, moves the design and concept of the vehicle forward in legitimately new and exciting ways. The previous generation was purposefully retro, a glimpse back at the things which captivated the public eye all those years ago; a celebration of a design which has lasted the test of time, but Ford decided they needed to push the envelope.


The biggest change in design, the decision to dispense with the live rear axle – a feature which made the Mustang wild and aggressive – has been met with mixed reviews by fans, some claiming that the spirit of the car has been compromised. It’s true that the 6th Gen model is the least ‘Mustang’ of all, but it is not a worse car, or any less fun to drive than its predecessors. Now with independent rear suspension, the car is more responsive, tamable and better able to handle the heaps of power available on tap.

We chose the 3.7 V6 model for our test drive (despite a V8 being available) mostly because of the interior and a stereo system which we thought was begging for an upgrade to match the vehicle’s high performance on the road. The factory system comes equipped with an AM/FM stereo/CD player with 6 speaker system, Ford SYNC and a 4.2″ colour LCD display but we know that customisation is important to car fanatics, especially those who own a Mustang.

Evolution of Sound

Out kit, the CTKPFD05, is a bespoke solution designed so you can take your 6th Gen Mustang to the next level. After removing your OEM head unit, the professional installation kit allows for the installation of a double DIN head unit whilst retaining the original aesthetic of your Mustang. Additionally, the climate controls are retained through an included, integrated HVAC control panel, and vehicle settings can be adjusted through the UAC touchscreen. The kit also retains the OEM reverse camera (if fitted), the OEM aux socket, steering wheel control functions, heated seat controls and remote start.


[Depending on the type of stereo being installed, some dash modification may be required. Kit for vehicles with single zone climate controls only. Please read our online instruction manual here for more details on the installation process.]

Take a look at our installation of the kit in the video below:

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