Fast Forward; CES 2017 Review

By Ben Armstrong | UK
Images: Connects2 Team

After a hectic week in Las Vegas, we reflect on the experiences we had at CES 2017 and the implications new technology has for the future of automotive

Between January 9th and 12th, Las Vegas Nevada played host to the world’s biggest and best consumer electronics trade show. CES has a long, storied history dating back to June 24th 1967 where 17,500 people gathered in New York City to marvel at the latest in technology (back then, the pocket radio and integrated television circuits were highlights). Fast forward fifty years and the show has grown to become more than ten times bigger and a real industry cornerstone for the launch of new products and the discussion of revolutionary ideas.

In this way, CES 2017 was no different than last year (if it ain’t broke…), but the constant and rapid forward momentum of technology has kept things very interesting indeed. Only two years ago at CES, television manufacturers were debuting 4K and curved TVs and now they’re beginning to filter down at accessible price points and develop into real world products. This is exciting because this show has always shown us things that probably will happen, or, at the least, gives us an insight into technologies which can be used with current applications in new ways.


Of course, this is true of the automotive industry, one which is difficult, now, to reinvent entirely but very possible to improve, evolve and adapt to our more connected, online lives. CES 2017 proved to be a real turning point for automotive, a moment where the manufacturer and consumer fell beautifully into sync.


Some highlights we definitely saw coming. The Faraday Future FF91 turned out to be a huge hit at the show, constantly surrounded by people vying to get a peek at the Concorde of electric cars. With 1,050 horsepower, the FF91 proved that green vehicles can now offer an exhilarating alternative to petrol, as well as being more energy efficient. Although the FF91 itself may never make it to production in its current form, the technologies which make it tick will almost certainly get implemented into many cars on the road.


The show was incredibly busy for the entire time we were there, but it was the buzz which really caught our attention. The sheer amount of energy and excitement from attendees really did make CES 2017 a special experience, the whole event carrying with it the notion that it was better to be there than anywhere else in the world. And who could argue? CES illustrates the human desire to explore, expand and develop better than any other show on the calendar, year after year.


It was the attention to detail, too, which made CES so good in 2017. Things as minute as the CES logo automatically appearing when we were tweeting “#CES2017”, or as epic as LG’s impressive space-come-sea 360 degree screen display all combined to create a superb experience for curious minds. The experiences on offer were nearly limitless as well. Want to ride in an autonomous car; relax in a smart bed; fly a drone? It was all as easy as walking around; just part of the show.

If you ever get the opportunity to attend a CES in the future, there’s nothing I’d recommend more. It’s a glimpse into the future, and what’s more fascinating than that?


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