Switchover to DAB with New AutoDAB-FM

Connects2 Launches New AutoDAB Product For FM Vehicles

West Midlands, UK: Today, Connects2 announced the launch of AutoDAB-FM, the latest product in their popular range of aftermarket DAB solutions. The AutoDAB-FM is an in-car DAB adapter which upgrades an existing FM system to receive DAB and DAB+ digital radio. Using an FM transmitter for delivery and a dedicated RF remote for control, the product has been designed to equip almost any vehicle with digital radio in time for switch-over.


Key Features & Benefits:

  • Gain DAB & DAB+ services for FM equipped vehicles
  • Displays digital radio information on factory stereo display
  • Compatible with most factory FM stereos
  • Controlled via bespoke RF remote control
  • Simple, plug & play installation
  • Stay safe with voice prompt menus
DAB Provided via FM or Aux, Controlled Through RF Remote

A perfect solution for those wishing to upgrade to DAB, the AutoDAB-FM is simple to install with the entire product remaining hidden behind the dash after installation to retain an OEM aesthetic. A voice prompt menu system is included for increased safety whilst on the road, and all radio text, song and artist information is retained on the original stereo display.



Click here to find out more about the features of AutoDAB-FM or visit AutoDAB.com to view our full range of digital radio switch-over solutions


For more information on Digital Radio, visit WorldDAB, and find out more about benefits of in-car DAB


Ben Armstrong

Connects2 Ltd.


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