Inside…Scosche Industries


Upon entering a landmark year for growth and innovation, Connects2 take you inside Scosche Industries, a Californian company which prides itself on cutting edge product design and dynamic branding.

For decades, gadgetry has fascinated and inspired us. From science-fiction films, which dream up the products and technology of the future, to the humble Oyster card – we are all constantly experimenting with ways to make our daily lives more convenient and dynamic. In 2017, the world is pushing towards a complete revolution in the way we view our devices and nowhere is this truer than in the automotive industry. As technology has progressed, so too has our need for connectivity and major car and electronics companies are finding new ways to integrate our smartphones, wearables and tablets into our vehicles.


One such company, who have been pushing boundaries for over thirty five years, is Scosche Industries. Armed with a keen eye for the market, Scosche combine, in many ways, the vision of science fiction with the practicality of the Oyster card to create products for the car and the home which satisfy our needs and wants in equal measure. Today, we take you inside Scosche…

Back to the Start

Scosche’s storied journey began back in 1980 when two keen minds, Roger and Scotia Alves, decided to set up a research and consulting business in their Southern California garage. Early adopters of Scosche’s forward thinking business included Alpine, Kenwood and Pioneer; high-end electronics companies which would propel the company forward in the years that followed. Thirty five years later and Scosche Industries remains true to its promise of ‘cutting edge, innovative accessories at a competitive price, superior service to [its] customers, and to create products that we can enjoy for years to come’.scosche_old

Now an internationally recognised and award-winning innovator, Scosche has expanded its offices to Arkansas, Alabama and Hong Kong, with companies like Connects2 providing distribution throughout Europe and beyond. With a rapidly expanding portfolio of over 4,000 products partnered by commercial giants such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Verizon and Apple, the company’s statement of intent is as true as ever. However, they’re keen to let us know that it’s their roots as a Californian business which makes them tick.

California Love

California has been a pop culture darling for years now and it’s often romanticised as the place to be. As the infamous rapper Tupac put it, ‘the west side is the best side’. As it turns out, though, these claims aren’t just populist myth-making. California is actually a hugely important part of America. It is responsible for over half of the fruit production in the US, is the third biggest state, and would be in the top ten economies in the world, were it its own country.


Put simply, there’s a lot going on in California and Scosche Industries have built their company out of this superbly rich environment. The Californian lifestyle can be seen reflected in all of Scosche’s products. From the wireless Bluetooth speaker boomBottle, to the multitude of popular 12v car audio kit and accessories, to the Rhythm+ armband heart rate monitor, the active and progressive Californian culture is represented and catered for by Scosche’s diverse product range.

Inspiration Becomes Innovation

Since the early 1980’s, Scosche have continued to deliver on their promise of innovation with many company highlights, awards and product launches which have kept the company ahead of the curve. In 1982, Scosche published their Autosound Encyclopedia which is considered by many to be the ‘bible’ of the car audio industry. Two years later, they received their first multi-purpose patent for a GM Motors kit. In 1990, Scosche introduced the EFX Sound System, a high-end line of power distribution blocks, terminals and interconnects, and in ’95 invented and patented the first ever CD visor organiser. With no sign of slowing down, 2003 saw Scosche release their first range of amps, speakers and subwoofers and in 2005, they altered the landscape of the market with their hands-free Bluetooth and audio streaming car kit.


Now, as a worldwide brand, Scosche have seen the fruits of their labour acknowledged across the globe through their growing customer base and also through distinguished industry and consumer organisations. In the past, the company was made Innovation Honouree at CES 2015 and won the iLounge award for Best Dock/Stand/Mount for its MagicMOUNT product in 2014. At SEMA, Scosche debuted a new range of DDR (Data & Display) solutions, a host of TouchScreen control products and a secure, effective iPad dash mounting solution.

This year, Scosche show no signs of slowing down. A hugely successful CES show this January saw the company present their affordable cradle-free E2 mounting solutions and complete radio replacement UAC kits, as well as announcing their partnership with Rockstar energy. On the partnership, Scosche said that “these products will resonate with both companies’ customer bases which are both dominated by people who lead active lifestyles.”. 2017 promises to be another big year for the Californian tech giants.



Scosche Industies continue to develop, grow and adapt to the ever-changing world of technology. Keep up to date with them at and contact Connects2 for UK distribution enquiries.


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