Universal Interface Gets Update


Connects2 Announces Upgrade To Popular Steering Wheel Interface

West Midlands, UK: This week, Connects2 Ltd. announced the launch of its UNI-SWC.3 product, as an upgrade from the previous .2 variant. The UNI-SWC.3 is an interface which allows the user to retain the steering wheel control functions of his/her vehicle when upgrading the OEM stereo to an aftermarket model, a practice which is becoming increasingly common with the advent of more powerful and affordable aftermarket technology. The part is compatible with nearly every vehicle on the road and can be used in conjunction with every major brand of stereo, making it a sound choice and an invaluable tool for both installers and hobbyists who work with many vehicles.

“The UNI-SWC.3 represents a high watermark for us in terms of compatibility, simplicity and effectiveness” said Ben Armstrong, Marketing Executive at Connects2. “With over 450 potential applications, the interface covers everything from a 1994 BMW 7-Series to a 2016 Seat Ibiza; its true strength is in its adaptability, especially for installers who aren’t sure which vehicle they’ll be working on next. The UNI-SWC.3 is the Swiss-army knife of stereo installation and the new gold standard for SWC integration.”


Key features for the .3 upgrade include:

  • Unrivalled utility; over 200 additional applications including popular Volkswagen, Citroen, Ford and Nissan vehicles
  • Future-proofed; application dates extended to cover vehicles manufactured in 2016 where possible.
  • Same sleek design; retains aesthetics of the UNI-SWC.2, with a simple installation process and unobtrusive fit.

For more information about the UNI-SWC.3, click here, or watch the video

Ben Armstrong

Connects2 Ltd.


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